The pandemic has changed our lives in unprecedented ways. Nowhere before had we experienced the uncertainties that we have been facing since the pandemic began. Business volumes have been erratic. As businesses struggle with leaner budgets, they are looking for outsourcing for accountants  to optimize their capacities. As a result, more and more companies are outsourcing their book-keeping and accounting work to accounting firms. The idea is to optimize their resources, gain cost efficiencies, and improve bottom lines. A recent survey undertaken by KPMG reveals that roughly 40% of companies are planning to enhance the use of outsourced accounting services. 

Outsourcing of core accounting services on the rise in UK 

Today, even smaller companies are resorting to outsourcing. As a result, accounting firms are looking for reliable third-party accountancy outsourcing to take care of the routine, repetitive tasks, while their employees can handle more complex and critical functions.  

A recent study suggested that 64% of Accountancy firms in the UK intend to outsource core accounting services in near future. Also, currently, 61% of the UK companies are currently outsourcing their payroll management services, as they believe it is a secure, cost-effective solution as well as it plugs the likelihood of scams.

Here’s your guide to outsourcing to help you find a reliable outsourcing partner for accounting services: 

Services Offered

Reputed accounting firms offer comprehensive outsourcing accounting services. They offer services such as  

  • Bookkeeping
  • Year-end finalization  
  • Payroll outsourcing services  
  • Vat returns  
  • Personal tax  
  • Corporate tax outsourcing  
  • Management accounts and more.  

Even if you need just one or 2 services today, it makes sense to consider outsourcing accounting work to a firm that caters to various services. 

Experience and Expertise 

When outsourcing for UK or USA accountants, make sure to choose a company with a trained team of experienced accountants with a deep understanding of UK/USA accounting standards. Having sound knowledge of accounting standards as applicable ensures that all the regulatory and compliance requirements will be taken care of by your outsourced team. For example, if you are outsourcing accounting work for audit or taxation, your outsourcing accountants should be well aware of the financial regulations in your country.

Flexible Packages 

The primary idea of seeking outsourcing for accountants is to reduce your work burden and improve profitability without spending on staffing, infrastructure, or technology. Therefore, you need to find accounts outsourcing for UK partners that offer flexible packages tailored to your needs. For example, if you need accounting solutions such as payables and receivables or financial data analysis, your offshore outsourcing partner should be able to handle it. Ask you outsourcing for UK provider if they offer flexible packages tailored to meet the needs of our clients. 

Whether you need dedicated accounting support for your business or are outsourcing accounting work based on hourly models, your accountancy outsourcing agency should be able to provide it.

Smooth transitioning and regular reports 

One of the common complaints that clients have after accounts outsourcing is difficulty in transitioning the work. Though these may only be teething troubles, it leads to an unpleasant experience. Therefore, before you finalize your outsourcing accounting partner, do ask about their transition procedure. An experienced outsourced accounting service provider will have a systematic, easy-to-implement standard process for smooth transitioning. Check about their training processes, the technology used, infrastructure, and reporting. Would they be providing performance reporting and steps they would take for performance improvement? 

Data Privacy

Data privacy is of utmost importance, especially when you are sharing your financial statements and data. Check the steps taken by your potential outsourcing for a UK partner to protect your data. In addition to network security, your service provider should adhere to GDPR as well as have physical security in place to protect your data.

Acobloom is a leading outsourced accounting service offering comprehensive accounting and taxation services for over 4 decades. With an experienced team, processes, technology, and robust infrastructure in place, we offer a seamless experience to our clients. Our accounting services have helped our clients with scalability, improved profits, productivity, and growth. Our qualified team of ACCAs, CAs, CPAs, and CMAs, ensures compliance with statutory requirements of UK/USA accounting and assure you a delightful experience. 

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