Transition Workflow

Transition workflow

For smooth transitioning from the UK & USA to our offices here in India, we have developed an in-house excel tool in which, our clients fill out the relevant details which is shared with our relevant operations team upon which they start processing on our clients’ jobs and client communication start thereafter.

  • 1. Work Evaluation

    – AcoBloom’s dedicated transition team works with you to gain an understanding of the nature and volume of your firm and business processes.
    – Build step-by-step transition roadmap.
    – Assess and mitigate risk.
    – Develop detailed plans for staffing, technology, infrastructure and monitoring/reporting.

  • 2. Integration Plan

    – Execute plans – assign staff, install appropriate technology, prepare training materials, train new recruits, etc.

  • 3. Transition

    – Move to operational running in ‘pilot’ mode.
    – Initiate process monitoring.
    – Communicate with stakeholders all the time.

  • 4. Transformation

    – Monthly/weekly meetings.
    – Performance reporting.
    – SLA metric tracking.
    – Create improvement plans


Systems Delivery & Process/Data Transfer

We offer three modes of transition system and delivery:

Cloud Hosted Software:

When you are working on the cloud hosted software such as XERO, QBO etc, all you have to do is to create one more user id for us so that our professionals from our secured premises can work on the jobs.


Remote Desktop Program:

When you are working on desktop-based softwares, you can create an RDP login along with the logins of the softwares for our team. We connect to your computers/servers using RDP/Citrix. It is similar to the case when you are working from your home or outside your office premises, on your servers. Our team shall work on your system through RDP login, process the work & leave it there. For security concerns, you can create a folder or drive for our team and all the drives and folders of the computer could be restricted.


Secured VPN | GoToMyPc | LogMeIn:

When the above two options are not feasible or not available, you can create login on secured VPN like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn so that our team could access your computer to work on your jobs.



For files transfer with our team, we once again mention that we fully understand the concern of security. Thus, we use a file transfer secured tool, Sync. You need to click & accept the request for a link generated by the software on your email when we sent it to you and simply upload all the documents to be sent to our team for working purposes. Once you have uploaded the documents from your end, our team trained on this software shall download all the documents. For more info please see

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