Busy Tax Season & Economic Slowdown

Accountancy firms in the UK remain preoccupied with plenty of accounting tasks at hand like year-round bookkeeping, accounting, and financial statement preparation. The workload increases twofold when it comes to tax preparation.

In the current scenario of economic slowdown due to various contributing factors, it has become all the more difficult for tax preparers accounting firms to meet tax deadlines and dodge the challenges ahead.

Let us highlight some key challenges that directly impact accountancy firms and tax preparers: –

  • Rising Inflation 
  • Soaring Cost-of-living 
  • Declining Employment rates
  • Reduced Productivity  
  • Low Profitability 

According to a survey, more than 60% of the UK’s population is employed by small and medium-sized enterprises. Well, startups and SMEs are at risk due to the looming recession, plummeting GDP and great resignation, affecting profitability and productivity.

In the busy tax season, it is imperative for accounting firms tax preparers to understand the ripple effects of inflation, reduce cost and increase efficiency by taking immediate actions such as co-sourcing to meet the tax deadline.

One way to shield your firm from the effects of inflation is through Co-sourcing  

Here the role of accountants matters the most! There is a need to analyze which business operations could be automated to shift the focus of accountants from day-to-day activities to more value-added and revenue-generating activities.  

Increase your firm’s Profitability with Tax Preparation Co-sourcing

The time saved with Co-sourcing can be utilized in providing better client engagement by knowing their business inside out and adding more services to the portfolio such as tax advisory etc. Accountants can make such services chargeable to generate more profits. Other benefits of tax return Co-sourcing are

  1. UK Accountants get statements and reports in a quick turnaround time.  
  2. The seasoned tax preparers are well-acquainted with the current tax legislation and software programs TAX SYSTEMS, tax calc, QuickBooks etc.  
  3. Scaling up & down, depending on the workload or peak seasons such as tax preparation.  
  4. Mitigating staffing challenges cost-effectively; not having to pay remuneration, give holidays, insurance covers etc.  
  5. You may start co-sourcing one service at a time and increase it as you like. You might also want to co-source bookkeeping, Year-end accounts, Audit support VAT returns etc. along with tax preparation.

Grab the opportunity and convert the exhausting tax season into a profit-making season. An offshore team will work as an extended part of your team and accounting firms are able to access a huge talent pool facilitating cost savings. 


Choose newer and more efficient ways to ace your tax preparation this season! With AcoBloom accountants are at peace and don’t have to burn the midnight oil to be productive.

Small and medium-sized UK accountancy firms grow their firms with Co-sourced accounting services acting as a recession coping mechanism.

For over 14 years, Acobloom has been a leading provider of accounting, bookkeeping, Audit support and taxation Co-sourcing services. Connect with us at uk@acobloom.com and know our team of dedicated, qualified, and seasoned specialists who can assist you to scale your business and provide a smooth experience to your clients.