While interacting on the video call with one of the marketing experts in the UK who helps Managing Partners, Directors, CEOs of the UK accounting firms in marketing and helps them win more clients, she conferred that as per her experience of 26 years in marketing and 10 years of experience working with accountants and finance people, accountants are not very good at marketing. She says it with due respect to the accountants and having no intention to demean the accounting profession, which is one of the world’s most trusted profession. She has authored a best-selling book on marketing, especially for accountants, and also organise awards shows for the UK accountants for their marketing capabilities.

In half an hour of interaction with her, she shared her decade of experience while working with accountants in the UK, the USA, and Australia and she is pondering over to help accountants in India. She revealed few of the points which she advises her clients:

Leverage social media but do not beat your doldrums: Be it any social platform, beating doldrums are not attractive to your audience. In fact, accountants should share their valuable knowledge with a psychological mind to ‘serve the nation‘. By doing so, it becomes highly likely that accountants may not think of themselves and share the information with the pure intent to help their audience which shall eventually be beneficial to the businesses and chances becomes higher so that their prospects to contact them, which is also called as consultative marketing.

Attending and Organising Accounting Events: Attending events broaden Accountants’ horizon in terms of market penetration. Speaking of the UK accounting industry, there are roughly 8000 accounting firms and since most of the accounting events occur in London and other counties of the UK, it is likely that accountants get to see their potential clients or people from their fraternity much often. Regular presence invokes the trust. Trust drives revenue.

Leverage referrals: Most of the accountants do not ask for a referral when their clients are fine to provide them the referrals. Happy clients are your testimonials.

Winning new clients and business is the number one concern for the UK accounting firms. Creating a strong top line helps to hit the bottom-line which is essential for any business to run smoothly. Marketing is more about psychology than science. Industries have been changing at much rapid pace than ever and thus this pace does not go parallel to the old standards of marketing. New concepts and strategies need to be embraced by accountants. Our network partner is happy to help accountants and is more than glad to speak you as no obligation consultation. Feel free to let us know