Client is the greatest asset in the business and businesses like UK accounting firms can do whatever it takes to make them stay longer by providing the best service. On top of that, if you introduce the improved client experience during covid-19, chances are clients will prefer your services to the rest. With Client experience metrics during covid-19, you can understand exactly what are your clients’ thoughts with services and how you can deliver it better. The better client experience you make for your business, the more chances of getting more positive reviews which will help you to land more leads especially in the accounting industry where referral is widely used. With Covid-19 entered the life cycle of the business, it is becoming important to re-evaluate the customer experience model.

By keeping the customer needs at first, organizations can talk to the clients on video conferencing and open a new horizon of contactless customer experience. According to the studies, it has been found out that acquiring new customers can be heavier on the pocket by 5-20 times than keeping the current ones. Also, due to heavy competition and easy availability of the service provider, 70% of the clients wanted to change their accounting and CPA firms because of bad customer experience or when they don’t feel valued during a service interaction according to the research by Bay Street Group.

If the accounting firms want to acquire clients for a longer period and beat the competition, an excellent customer experience should be kept non-negotiable with services like taxation, bookkeeping, auditing. Also, during Covid-19, CX can be transformed to Digital only CX where companies can make a strong digital footprint to enhance their CX metrics.

Client satisfaction can be measurable with metrics that help to understand the backend scenes and how a company can create more value by delivering impact by their services. Accounting companies can take a holistic approach in terms of 4 measures to improve the client experience during covid-19 which will help to solve the puzzle on how to make the unforgettable client experience like service experience, brand perception, social listening, etc. After the metrics have been set up, it becomes easy to connect dots on where the client lies in the development of a firm client relationship.

Listen to your clients: Always ask your clients how happy they are with the services. Send them surveys or open-minded questions to understand the area of improvement. Make the listening active and ask questions relevant to the services. Also, not just listen but make sure to deliver the improvement in the process. Also, it is not possible to reach all the clients in timely manner individually during pandemic, small videos for general Q/A can be a great resource for clients to get their doubts clear.

Net Promoter Score: To calculate the percentage of customers who would recommend the service to others, it is the most widely metric in client experience to gauge customer’s overall satisfaction. The most common example is “how likely you would recommend this company to a friend or family on a scale of 1 to 10”. Net promoter score can play a big role in creating future strategies on how you can deliver more client-centric services.

Customer retention: Every company wants to partner with a client who will stay longer but the client can only stay if the client experience is remarkable. Customer retention measures not only how successful a company is at acquiring new customers but also how successful they are at keeping the existing customer satisfied. To capture those quality leads and increased ROI, make sure to use the metric to measure if the client comebacks to take the service or not.

Social Listening: It is becoming easier for the user to give a genuine review which will help others using social media. The same applies to the accounting industry where a single review can make or break the game on social networks. Positive brand mentions about the services can be tracked to understand the metric on how popular your brand is getting. Social listening can be a great metric for regular feedback that can be used to get the company base concrete.

We at AcoBloom International recently conducted a survey where we asked our clients what they like about our accounting outsourcing service in the pandemic. It was noteworthy to mention the result that they really liked the quality work in these unprecedented times delivered by us which played a major role in increasing the measure for client experience(CX).

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