The accounting and finance division is oxygen to any company or business. Keeping accounting and finance optimized and healthy makes businesses grow and excel. Technology such as the cloud is one of the major drivers of the rising trend of cloud accounting. As per the research carried out by Accountex, more than 90% of businesses shall move to the cloud.

UK accounting firms are spending more and more to train their employees on the technology so that they can match up with the demand but the lack of talent skilled talent pool and rising attrition is making it harder for the practices to come out of the spiral in which, when the employees get trained up, either she jumps to other practice or start their own practice. This hits the accounting practices and is thus one of the major challenges for the industry.

Traditionally, accountants have always been regarded as the trusted source of advisors, however, these days; the profession is on the verge of being commoditised.

3 key points on how offshoring the transactional work like outsourced bookkeeping services helps the UK accounting practices to take a leap forward.

  • Helps you to focus more on high value work. Accountants these days are not spending enough time on strategic advisory and consulting which in a true sense helps build client relationships stronger and more loyal, accountants are spending more on compliance and number crunching work. Compliance must be embraced as to put it simply it is a ‘compliance’. However, releasing the accountant’s time from number crunching is a very efficient and productive move for the practice. It brings a lot of free time to invest in high-value work which positively impacts the bottom line of your practice.
  • Faster Turn around Time. Companies providing offshoring are generally experienced and have their board of directors with robust accounting experience. Thus, few of the offshore accounting services providers are experts in accounts, tax preparation, payroll, accounts receivables, accounts payables, and bookkeeping and the teams have extensive knowledge of UK accounting. The combination of all the points helps to increase the faster turnaround time with the most accurate deliveries. Faster turnaround time also helps you to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Managing the skill shortage & attrition. Creating an offshoring team with your offshoring vendor supports your practice in managing skills shortage and attrition in the accounting industry. Managing skills shortage and attrition is a costly affair and as a cost reduction, your offshore vendor shall help you save a lot of money because you do not have to pay the fees to recruitment agencies. In a way, creating an offshore team helps you not save the cost of operations in general but the hidden cost saving comes from not paying the recruitment agencies. Moreover, you do not have to spend on the training of the fresher candidates.

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