Our Directors

We warmly invite you to get to know the distinguished Board of Directors at AcoBloom International, a seasoned group of professionals who bring a combined decade of deep-seated expertise in the financial sector. This adept team serves as the backbone and guiding force behind our organization, charting our course towards ongoing success and a legacy of excellence.

Each board member contributes a unique set of skills and insights, fostering a dynamic, collaborative environment that promotes innovative thought and forward-thinking strategies. Collectively, they embody our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier services, exhibiting steadfast dedication to our mission and maintaining the highest levels of corporate governance.

At the helm of this formidable team is our Chief Business Officer, Founder, and Director, Rajat Chawla. A visionary leader, Rajat oversees key aspects of our operations, including Business Development, Marketing, and Audit Support, ensuring our services consistently meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Adding her financial acumen to the board is Richa Chawla, a qualified accountant with more than 11 years of experience under her belt. Richa’s expertise in Taxation, Accountancy, and Assurance, bolstered by her international exposure in UK, US, Australia, and Ireland taxation, brings a valuable global perspective to our strategies. Vipin Sachdeva, another esteemed Director and the COO of AcoBloom International, contributes his considerable knowledge to our board. An associate member of the Institute of Cost Accountants in India, Vipin holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and a postgraduate diploma in wealth management from the Indian School of Business and Finance. His extensive educational background and experience lend a broad, well-informed perspective to our operations.

At AcoBloom International, our leaders don’t just guide us — they inspire us. They represent our commitment to excellence, our dedication to innovation, and our vision for the future. We are proud to introduce the trailblazers who are steering AcoBloom International towards a bright, prosperous future.

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