Engagement Models

Engagement Models


  • Full time Equivalent (FTE)

    • Get a dedicated team or an individual to work exclusively for your firm, under day-to-day management of AcoBloom
    • The FTE works for 140 hours per month and carries years of experience in US Accounting, Tax, Payroll and Audit Support
    • 2-stage review process ensures quality and accuracy
    • Ideal for accounting firms that want to build an offshore team of experienced accountants who can work in tandem to their in-house team
    • Dedicated FTEs reports directly to you
    • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Pay as you go (Hourly)

    • Pay only for the number of hours /number of tasks outsourced
    • This model is suitable for the clients who have lesser/ad-hoc volume of work and not sure of the amount of work they shall outsource
    • 2-stage review process ensures quality and accuracy
    • Not recommended if you want to have dedicated resources as the person under hourly model might work for various client’s simultaneously
  • Per Return Based (for Tax Returns Preparation)

    • We charge based on the complexity of 1040, 1120, 1120s & 1065 tax returns
    • Individual and entity tax returns are categorised into 3 levels i.e. Simple, Moderate & Complex based on their level of difficulty
    • Our ‘Tax Returns Parameters’ document has all the details about how each category of tax return is triggered based on their complexity level
    • Managed solution ensures quality and accuracy
    • Quick Turnaround Time
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