It’s that time of the year again when US CPAs are burdened with loads of tax returns filing and are under pressure to meet the deadlines.

Well, this also means that the US CPAs, accounting and bookkeeping firms need to be well-prepared in advance even if it means availing of outsourced tax preparation services. In other words, CPAs shall properly prepare and manage their burden and tasks by taking favourable actions to accurately file tax returns promptly.

This will ensure that the ride for both, CPAs (US accounting firms) and their clients, is smooth and error-free.

Let’s go through the compiled list of the most common mistakes and how CPAs and accounting firms can dodge them and save time. 

Numerical Errors – Exposed to the Risk of Calculations Errors or Incorrect Data Entry

It’s a universal truth that errors and fallouts are bound to happen whenever we execute tasks in haste. Mistakes at the time of calculation are super common. Although the tax software can catch mistakes, it’s always better to double-check the entries yourself or with the help of expert tax preparation outsourcing services.

Erroneous Details

The likelihood of entering incorrect details like name, Social Security No., account numbers, tax ID etc. in the tax forms can be high exponentially. Hence, it is advised to proofread all the details of the clients. The tax season isn’t the time to be impatient or put things off until the end. It will only lead to miss outs.

Welcoming Penalties

a.) Failing to include all income – Penalties and interest may arise from underreporting income. You should carefully include any wages, dividends, bank interest, or other income that was received and reported on an information return. This covers all the data required to figure out credits, income tax returns and deductions.

b.) Waiting till the eleventh hour – One error that should be avoided is starting the income tax returns filing process too late. You will rush through the tax filing procedure if you start it late, which will inevitably lead to mistakes. You can feel mentally exhausted from worrying about invoices and figures. By starting the tax filing process, a little early, you’ll have enough time to gather the paperwork needed to figure out deductions. Accounting professionals would benefit from a simple timetable and be able to work on the papers without any issues if they have organised paperwork and detailed records.

If bookkeeping and tax jobs are appropriately and meticulously managed, submitting taxes will go smoothly.

Not being aware of Tax Deductions and new Tax rules

If CPA firms do not stay informed of tax reforms and new tax laws, it becomes difficult for them to prepare for tax season. CPAs should be familiar with the tax reforms before tax season. CPAs have access to several resources that they can use. There are resources available on new tax laws and the most recent IRS regulations.

The tools assist CPAs & accounting firms in preparing for the next tax season activities. To prepare for tax season, CPA firms need to be cautious and keep themselves informed about tax reforms.

Not taking help

Even though it makes their duty more manageable, many CPAs are reluctant to outsource their tax preparation work. They are concerned about outsourcing expenses, the possibility of losing control over their clients, and a host of other issues. On the contrary, availing of outsourcing tax preparation services will allow CPAs to increase productivity and efficiency. They will be able to focus on critical areas of their organisation, including customer satisfaction, by deciding to outsource tax preparation responsibilities.

Tax preparation outsourcing offers skilled, experienced, and specialised taxation professionals without having to engage permanent personnel and raise operating costs. Businesses can overcome a workforce shortage during the busy tax season through outsourcing their services.

Not gathering client information timely

The CPAs should chase their clients for collecting all the financial statements and income statements at max by the end of December month or starting of January month. This shall cut all the mess and help in the timely filling of tax returns and save CPAs from last-minute hassle.


To a successful and organised team of accountants, tax season shouldn’t feel like it’s overpowering them. The tax season can be simple to navigate with the right planning and preparation. Tax returns must be submitted on time to avoid fines and common mistakes. Tax season may be trouble-free by using the latest technology, planning, keeping in touch with clients, and outsourcing tax return work and accounting work to an outsourcing services provider. Avoid these frequent blunders to make tax season stress-free, whether you pick tax returns services or handle it yourself.