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Specialist Dental Accountants for Dental Practices in the UK

UK dental industry has been growing but there are a set of challenges for practices from Finance & Accounting perspective. Running smooth operations is every essential for the dental practices’ owner. Thus, it becomes essential to take care of finance and accounting to track the health of the practices.

Outsourcing finance and accounting for the UK dental practices bring a lot of value. One, the owners shall keep track of their expenses and revenue on the go in formalised way which is very important, otherwise the accounts remain messy which hurts the smooth operations.

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“Your team is forward-thinking, highly competent, professional and very approachable. As well as handling all the usual accounting and tax jobs. You identify the issues behind the issues and have been great at “hand-holding” which is essential to any business”. We feel that you are working with us.”

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Why Dental Practices Should Outsource to India?

Cost Cutting

One, they have the benefits of cost cutting which is synonymous to the outsourcing.


This gives them scalability whenever their business increases.

Smooth Operations

Their operations become efficient.

Global Team

Leverage the economical value of global team.

Enhanced Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Pay suppliers on time. Relationships with suppliers becomes stronger which impact business relationship strongly.

Why Outsource to AcoBloom

AcoBloom International group has almost a decade of experiencing in outsourcing and that too specialised experience in outsourcing to dental accounting and dental practice firms. Our team is fully trained on the nuances of the nitty-gritty details of the UK healthcare, NHS and private dentistry industry.

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