Outsourcing means extending the relationship with your vendor, in terms of the several responsibilities which your vendor shall carry out, as per the engagement letter. Needless to mention that, outsourcing brings lot of value on the table, however, at the same time, it is also very important to monitor/maintain the relationships, so as to fetch the desired results from your outsourcing decision as a strategy. Since your firm has already taken the decision to outsource, and post-transition, your vendor would have settled down with the acclimatization of your work/culture.

In our decade of robust outsourcing experience, what we have realised is, being in constant touch with your vendor brings out the best potential from the outsourcing relationship with your vendor.

Developing a program with your vendor in terms of connecting with your vendor to monitor the progress/issues helps in the longer run.

A program of three layer of call structure can be developed:

  1. Weekly Calls with Point of Contact – To monitor the daily issues, challenges, rectification and progress of the week. 
  2. Monthly Call with the Team Lead/Manager – To understand the overall progress of the outsourcing strategy from the eagle’s eye view. 
  3. Quarterly Call with CEO/Senior Management – In this layer of call, transformation of the overall outsourcing program can be discussed.

It is futile to mention, that after having developed a program with your vendor, it is highly likely that you may have the perception of your vendor and the team as your extended office, given the fact that your vendor’s team liaise smoothly with your team.